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About Us

Lightridge High School Parent-Teacher-Student Organization (LHS PTSO) a 501(c)(3) Organization, is made up of volunteers from the LHS community. Our goal is to provide support and service to the students, families, staff, and community of Lightridge High School; to promote a spirit of caring, good citizenship, and respect for others within the school and community; and to encourage family and community involvement in the education of all students. 

What does the LHS PTSO do?

  • Support LHS Staff

    • Fund faculty and staff initiatives and projects throughout the year that don't otherwise receive funding

    • Show appreciation to faculty and staff through a snack shack, school breakfast, holiday treats, staff appreciation activities, and more

  • Support LHS Students 

    • Coordinate and support events for the students including treats, club, and activity support

    • Fill student fundraising gaps where appropriate

  • Support LHS Parents

    • Provide a forum for parents through monthly meetings to collaborate with faculty and  staff to ask questions, express concerns, share views, and give appreciation

    • Host guest speakers and workshops

    • Provide an opportunity to connect with other Lightridge parents

How do we fund our programs?

  • Funds are raised through dues and fundraisers such as test prep partnerships, Amazon Smile, and grocery links. 100% of funds are returned to the students and staff through programs approved by the board via vote. 

How do I get involved?

  • Become a member and/or volunteer!  Please join us so that we can provide funding and volunteer support to as many organizations throughout the school as we can reach. Join the PTSO today and help make a difference. The PTSO is open to any student, parent/guardian of a Lightridge student, or any member of the Lightridge staff.

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