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Taking Notes

PTSO Executive Board & Committee Members

The Voice for the BOLTS!

PTSO Executive Board & Committee Members: PTA Board

Dametra Lewis



1st Vice President, Fundraising

Lucile Lewis

2nd Vice President, Events

Latice Sese-Khalid


Gina Gismondi


Telaya Dennis

Faculty Liaison

Christina Lewis

Membership Co-Chairperson

Keisha Robinson

MSAAC, Membership Co-Chairperson

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Gandhi Vrushali

Volunteer Chairperson

Tiffany Quagliata & Erica Gomez

12th Grade - Student at Large

Maha Cheluka

11th Grade - Student at Large

Nadia Gilchrist-Leslie

10th Grade - Student at Large

Adytia Kumar

9th Grade - Student at Large

Ana Berwa & Nicole Edwards

Scholarship Co-Chairperson

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